Start talking with Refugees

Non-Profit Volunteering
Agency Cogs
Client ReDI School of Digital Integration
Job Event Design, Facilitation

Working in a dynamic, competitive market means finding a job is difficult enough, without the added challenges of being new to the city, struggling with language barriers and cultural differences.

ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit Digital School for tech-interested newcomers applying for asylum in Germany. They offer courses taught by volunteers who are well-established industry professionals in front and back-end development, UX/UI design and product management.

Read a full-length article about our collaboration with ReDI here.

All Images © Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke

Smart Food for Thought

Employer Branding
Agency Cogs
Client Cogs
Job Event Design, Facilitation

At Cogs, we strive to constantly improve ourselves and gain insight into the clients we work with on a daily basis. To achieve this, we invite industry thought leaders for lunch to discuss their journey and share insights into current trends and developments in their field. Our first ‚Cogs Crunch‘ guests were Pia Betton and Sebastian Dietrich.

Pia Betton is a partner at Edenspiekermann. She consults companies on topics such as brand design, service design, and innovation. In her work, Pia uses Design Thinking as an approach to enable decision makers to break out of their daily mindset when it comes to innovation. The main question is not what can new technologies do for us, but what do the customers need? Design Thinking is about understanding people and their attitudes, behaviors and needs.

Cogs Crunch with Pia Betton
Cogs Crunch with Sebastian Dietrich

All Images © Paul Rikeit

Designing Recruiters.
How Design Thinking can change Recruitment.

Blog Post Series

This is something that I’m really excited to share, and the beginning of a series of blog posts about the impact of design methodologies on recruitment. You would be forgiven for never mentioning design and recruitment in the same conversation. But, for a while now, I’ve straddled both sectors and the crossover is indispensable.

Cogs Blog
LinkeIn Pulse

Image © Sebastian Doerken

Mindset is Everything

Q&A Session / Co-creation

I was very happy about Julia von Winterfeldt’s invitation to her SOULWORX Energizer format in Zippelhaus in Hamburg. Together with Fabian Kienbaum and Jenny von Podewills we discussed the future of meaningful communication. We have dealt with the question of how communication can be shaped in an increasingly digital and accelerated time. What makes good communication and how do we enable it through digital tools? What are the advantages of future tool communication and how can you smooth out the disadvantages?


All Images © SOULWORX

Design for Agility

Workspace- / Organizational Design
Agency Cogs
Client Cogs
Job Ideation, Design Direction

We moved into a new space right in the centre of Berlin in Mitte. The new location is a really fantastic, large, open loft. This has not only allowed us a new interior design but also the chance to redefine our ways of working. We focused on ergonomics to improve our agility. And the simultaneous relaunch of our Corporate Identity served as a fantastic modular system for a subtle Branding. We decided for Dittmar+friends as our trusted partner for a customized Design-Solution.

Read a full-length interview about the latest developments at Cogs Berlin here.
Find the great studio-shots by Sebastian Dörken below.

All Images © Sebastian Doerken

Headhunter Secrets

BarCamp Session

It was a great pleasure to give a session: ‚Headhunter Secrets‘ at UXcamp Europe together with my fellow colleagues Asta Baumoeller from MELT.MEDIA RECRUITMENT and Claudia Wulf from NAKAMA GERMANY.

We discussed the current european XD-landscape, trends, sweet spots, top combinations, self-branding and relationship-building challenges. We received a lot of questions from the audience and a lively discussion ensued.

Presentation: Headhunter Secrets {PDF}

Images © Andree Huk, Henning Grote, Bastian Ehl, Mayra Bautista

Humanizing Organisations.
Culture eats Process for Breakfast.


How do Startups, Agencies and Companies deal with the need for organisational and cultural change? Here are my thoughts, personal experiences and inspiration on the subject, alongside a contribution by Eero Aalto, Head of Business Transformation at Heimat. We at Cogs are very proud of our impactful collaboration with Heimat — supporting them in building the next evolution of their business by identifying, attracting and keeping the right global digital talent.

Cogs Blog
LinkeIn Pulse

All Images: Aperto Poems
A spatial Brand Design Project for Aperto – An IBM company.

Berlin to London.
Why make the Change?

Agency Cogs
Client Cogs
Job Ideation, Fascilitation

Situated in the Mitte district the new Cogs Berlin offices are, big, modern and the ideal space to host a Meetup event. Working abroad has become a hot topic of discussion, so taking our event series: Cogs Crunch international was an obvious step. We invited UX-Designers/Strategists from our network and 3 guest speakers: Paul Gibbins, Alex Clark and Martin Jackson to discuss the challenge of working in the field of Experience Design across both cities — London and Berlin.

Cogs Blog


Employer Branding Platform
Agency Aperto
Client Aperto
Job Ideator, Facilitator

Experienced with both sides of the creative culture {the idea-driven and the technology-driven}, I am stoked about their potential to clash. So I have created a clash for Aperto: DECODER, a generative event format that stands for the deciphering of creative patterns, communications systems, and different methods of working. We decided to open our house to smart people who teach us how to decode communication patterns far away from the digital things we’re usually dealing with.

Aperto Case-Study

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The good People from ‚postdigital‘ asked me to contribute a story to their upcoming issue about the importance of tactile and haptic experiences in the field of digital creation.

postdigital {PDF}



Employee Loyalty
Agency Scholz & Friends Berlin
Client Scholz & Friends Berlin
Job Creative Direction
When an enterprise lives the philosophy of flat hierarchies and appreciation of every one of its individuals, then connecting its Corporate Identity to its people is a logical next step as well as a unique and brave move. Pushing a fantastic idea to the next level, hooking it up to the social web and therefore ‘interactivating‘ the Brand made this one of my favourite Projects at Scholz & Friends. The first Agency with a Foursquare display!


Advertising, Art’s Siamese Twin

It’s always great to be asked about what you’re most proud of or what you really admire. This time the interviewer was Lürzer’s Archive.

Lürzer’s Archive
Interview {PDF}
Selected Cases {PDF}

What drives me

Rethinking Talent. Prototyping Positive Futures — with Individuals & Organizations.

I’m an award winning Digital Creative Director and moved into headhunting with Cogs. I jointly run their Berlin office and head of their design practice in Germany. Cogs is a global specialist talent consultancy in the product, design and transformation space with offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shenzhen and Berlin.

Prior to joining Cogs, I have held business leadership and executive design positions in Aperto – An IBM Company, Scholz & Friends and argonauten G2. I was creative and design lead on key strategic accounts including Volkswagen, MAN, Allianz Group, P&G Prestige and Coca-Cola. Me and my teams have won more than 60 international awards.

Throughout my career I came to understand that employee experience should be at the heart of a company’s objectives. Because of this, organizations must use a holistic approach to talent strategy in terms of attracting and retaining the best people to stay ahead. In this area, I offer extensive experience from the industry and provide a bespoke consulting service for the talent acquisition needs of blue-chip tech-brands, management consultancies & their innovation hubs, service design agencies and tech-startups.

I’m a member of the International Academy of Digital Art and Science, juror of the Lovie and Webby Awards and I volunteer for Codeweek Awards and ReDI School. I’m a certified Business Coach (BC)®.

Awards and Honours

Me and my teams have won more than 60 awards and honours for 20 different real client projects e.g.
ADC Global – Gold, LEAD Awards – Gold and New York Festivals – also Gold.

Member of the Jury

Singapore CCA / D&AD / Lovie Awards / Webby Awards / LIA Awards / The CUP / Golden Drum

Broadcasts and Speaker

Lürzer’s Archive / OFFF / PAGE / postdigital / ReDI School / SOULWORX Energizer / spyline / TASCHEN / UXcamp Europe / ZDFneo