Design for Agility

WorkSpace Design/Organisational Design
Agency Cogs Agency
Client Cogs Agency
Job Ideator, Design Direction

The move into a large open loft space in a Wilhelminian building in Berlin-Mitte not only gave us a new interior design but also a chance to reflect on our previous way of working together. We focused on ergonomics to improve our agility. And the simultaneous relaunch of our CI served as a fantastic modular system for a subtle Corporate-Branding. We decided for Dittmar+friends as our trusted partner for a customized Design-Solution.

Read a full-length interview about the latest developments at Cogs Berlin here.
Find the great studio-shots by Sebastian Dörken below.

Art-Piece in our Conference Room by: Jan Berndt / All Images © Sebastian Doerken

Cogs Contributes

Non-Profit Volunteering
Agency Cogs Agency
Client ReDI School of Digital Integration
Job Presentation, Co-Creation Workshop

ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit Digital School for tech-interested newcomers applying for asylum in Germany. They offer courses taught by volunteers who are well-established industry professionals in front and back-end development, UX/UI design and product management.

Read a full-length article about our collaboration with ReDI here.

Headhunter Secrets

BarCamp Session

It was a great pleasure to give a session: ‚Headhunter Secrets‘ at UXcamp Europe together with my fellow colleagues Asta Baumoeller from MELT.MEDIA RECRUITMENT and Claudia Wulf from NAKAMA GERMANY.

We discussed the current european XD-landscape, trends, sweet spots, top combinations, self-branding and relationship-building challenges. We received a lot of questions from the audience and a lively discussion ensued.

Presentation: Headhunter Secrets {PDF}

Images © Andree Huk, Henning Grote, Bastian Ehl, Mayra Bautista

Humanizing Organisations.
Culture eats Process for Breakfast.


How do Startups, Agencies and Companies deal with the need for organisational and cultural change? Here are my thoughts, personal experiences and inspiration on the subject, alongside a contribution by Eero Aalto, Head of Business Transformation at Heimat. We at Cogs are very proud of our impactful collaboration with Heimat — supporting them in building the next evolution of their business by identifying, attracting and keeping the right global digital talent.

Cogs Blog
LinkeIn Pulse

All Images: Aperto Poems
A spatial Brand Design Project for Aperto – An IBM company.

Berlin to London.
Why make the Change?

Event Design
Agency Cogs Berlin
Client Cogs Berlin
Job Ideator, Moderator, Fascilitator

Situated in the Mitte district the new Cogs Berlin offices are, big, modern and the ideal space to host a Meetup event. Working abroad has become a hot topic of discussion, so taking our event series: Cogs Crunch international was an obvious step. We invited UX-Designers/Strategists from our network and 3 guest speakers: Paul Gibbins, Alex Clark and Martin Jackson to discuss the challenge of working in the field of Experience Design across both cities — London and Berlin.

Cogs Blog


Innovation Platform for Aperto

Experienced with both sides of the creative culture {the idea-driven traditional and the technology-driven digital}, I am stoked about their potential to clash. So I have created a clash for Aperto: DECODER, a generative event format that stands for the deciphering of creative patterns, communications systems, and different methods of working. We decided to open our house to smart people who teach us how to decode communication patterns far away from the digital things we’re usually dealing with.

Aperto Case-Study

Press Feedback ALEX TV: Urban Spaces in Berlin / Der Tagesspiegel / PAGE, Lürzers Archive / Design made in Germany Feature / FluxFM / KiKa / RBB / 1st Russian TV / ZDFNeo / ALEX TV / Konstruieren statt Konsumieren / ZDFneo / Channel One Russia / PAGE






The good People from ‚postdigital‘ asked me to contribute a story to their upcoming issue about the importance of tactile and haptic experiences in the field of digital creation.

postdigital {PDF}


Prototyping Educational Futures

Volunteering, Mentoring
Agency youyesyeah
Client Junge Tüftler, Code Week Award
Job Ideator, Mentor, Collaborator

I’m a member of a network of digital experts, mentors and collaborators. We combine technology with design-expertise and education in playful workshops for kids and youngsters. How can we use the creative potential of digital tools and convert them according to our needs? Providing competence is just one aspect of contemporary education. A basic understanding about how technology works and of the societal issues it’s raising, will be essential to shape our future. This needs experienced mentoring and an open environment for curiosity, play and empathy.

Multifaceted Conversation

Corporate Web Estate
Agency Aperto
Client Volkswagen Group
Job Creative Lead / Member Steering Team

Our task was to develop the new Corporate Web Estate for the Volkswagen Group — a platform dedicated to boost the Groups exceptional Brand Portfolio and to highlight the image and charisma of the brands. A challenging and responsible mission in times of Diesel-Gate and the rise of competitive disruptive mobility service offerings.

This complex multi-stakeholder project was made possible through hard work and expertise of my former design team: Silke Kreiling, Reik Wendt, Thomas Dubberke and Nadine Thieme.

Volkswagen Group

Smart Brand Utilities

Service Design
Agency Aperto
Client MAN
Job Creative Lead / Member Steering Team

We have been realizing numerous digital projects for MAN. Strategic online marketing consultation ensures optimal performance while Service Design offers MAN customers added value. One highlight of the collaboration with MAN: At the IAA International Motor Show Aperto creates a clever digital tool – the Total Cost of Ownership {TCO} Optimizer. A tool that calculates the actual operating costs for a MAN truck, taking into consideration the individual owner’s circumstances.

TCO Optimizer
Aperto Case-Study

Rally the World

Transmedia Storytelling Campaign
Agency Aperto
Client Volkswagen
Job Digital Creative Lead / Member Steering Team

In a World obsessed with the sexiness of Formula One, rally seems damned to continue scraping by as niche sport. We wanted to help Volkswagen change this paradigm — and bring the rally back to the people. Not only for the fans on the sidelines, but for everyone. What’s particularly difficult: the World Rally Championship runs over the course of 12 months and all over the world. Even if you begin by exciting the fans, how do you maintain their interest for such a long time?

Aperto Case-Study



Linking Physical / Virtual
Agency Scholz & Friends Berlin
Client Scholz & Friends Berlin
Job Creative Direction
When an enterprise lives the philosophy of flat hierarchies and appreciation of every one of its individuals, then connecting its Corporate Identity to its people is a logical next step as well as a unique and brave move. Pushing a fantastic idea to the next level, hooking it up to the social web and therefore ‘interactivating‘ the Brand made this one of my favourite Projects at Scholz & Friends. The first Agency with a Foursquare display!


Advertising, Art’s Siamese Twin

It’s always great to be asked about what you’re most proud of or what you really admire. This time the interviewer was Lürzer’s Archive.

Lürzer’s Archive
Interview {PDF}
Selected Cases {PDF}

These Days

Visual Diary

I arrived in NYC in the winter of 1995. I came to stay for a year, but I fell in love forever. On my way there, by chance, I found a cheap camera, so I started taking pictures of all the stories as I lived through them.