Rally the World

Transmedia Storytelling Campaign
Agency Aperto
Client Volkswagen
Job Digital Creative Lead

In a World obsessed with the Sexiness of Formula One, Rally seems damned to continue scraping by as Niche Sport. We wanted to help Volkswagen change this Paradigm — and bring the Rally back to the People.

Rally the World
Aperto Case-Study

Awards ADC Germany – Bronze / Annual Multimedia – Gold.


Smart Service

Agency Aperto
Client MAN
Job Creative Lead

One Highlight of our Collaboration with MAN: At the IAA International Motor Show in 2014 Aperto creates a smart Tool – the Total Cost of Ownership {TCO} Optimizer. A Tool that calculates the actual Operating Costs for a MAN Truck, taking into Consideration the individual Owner’s Circumstances.

TCO Optimizer
Aperto Case-Study


Innovation Platform for Aperto
Agency Aperto
Client Aperto
Job Ideator, Organizer, Collaborator

Experienced with both Sides of the Creative Culture {the Idea-Driven Traditional and the Technology-Driven Digital}, I am stoked about their Potential to clash. So I have created a Clash for Aperto: DECODER, a generative Event Format that stands for the Deciphering of Creative Patterns, Communications Systems, and different Methods of Working. We decided to open our House to smart People who teach us how to decode Communication Patterns far away from the Digital Things we’re usually dealing with.

Press Feedback ALEX TV: Urban Spaces in Berlin / Der Tagesspiegel / PAGE, Lürzers Archive / Design made in Germany Feature / FluxFM / KiKa / RBB / 1st Russian TV / ZDFNeo / ALEX TV / Konstruieren statt Konsumieren / ZDFneo / Channel One Russia / PAGE





The good People from ‚postdigital‘ asked me to contribute a Story to their upcoming Issue about the Importance of tactile and haptic Experiences in the Field of Digital Creation.



Design Beats Advertising

Global Design Framework
Agency argonauten G2
Client Volkswagen
Job Creative Direction/Member Steering Team

‚If a Product is a Design Product, if the three major Elements, Quality, Functionality and Aesthetics are perfectly combined, Advertising becomes just an additional Tool.‘ Although Volkswagen Chief Designer Walter Maria de Silva here talks about the Volkswagen Car Models in particular, it is this same Attitude that informs our Approach to a new global Internet Design for the Brand.

We believe that People don’t necessarily visit Car Sites to configure Cars Online, but to create Stories about ‚Man and Car‘. Thus, the Aim was to develop a Platform which enables Users to create and experience many different Kinds of Stories. The new Digital Framework primarily serves to support the User’s Storytelling and, being completely Data-driven, puts their Consumer Needs and Wants at the Centre of Interaction. Yet, at the same Time, the Platform also still delivers the Core Values of the Brand, and so ultimately becomes the Basis of Volkswagen’s Digital Business Strategy.



Advertising, Art’s Siamese Twin

It’s always great to be asked about what you’re most proud of or what you really admire. This Time the Interviewer was Lürzer’s Archive.

Lürzer’s Archive
Interview {PDF}
Selected Cases {PDF}


Linking Physical / Virtual
Agency Scholz & Friends Berlin
Client Scholz & Friends Berlin
Job Creative Direction
When an Enterprise lives the Philosophy of flat Hierarchies and Appreciation of every One of its Individuals, then connecting its Corporate Identity to its People is a logical next Step as well as a unique and brave Move. Pushing a fantastic Idea to the next Level, hooking it up to the social Web and therefore ‘interactivating‘ the Brand made this one of my favourite Projects at Scholz & Friends. The First Agency with a Foursquare Display!


Hola Bodeguita del Medio!

Facebook Connect App
Agency argonauten G2
Client Pernod Ricard: Havana Club
Job Creative Direction

After winning the Online Account of Havana Club Rum, our first Task was to bring the Pitch Idea of a Videomixing Tool to Life. The Idea? Since most People will never visit Havana, we’ll bring Havana to them – with an Application that integrates Facebook Users own personal Profile Content with Havana Club Brand Assets to create virtual Short Trips to Cuba. Just as the Campaign says, ‚Nothing Compares to Havana': and each User’s Film Cocktail is a unique Blend of Themselves, their Buddies, Havana Streetscenes, Bars and Music.



One-Upping Andy

Interactive Movie
Agency argonauten G2
Client Volkswagen
Job Creative Direction

If you’re looking to buy a Used Car, it helps if one of your Buddies is a Mechanic. But not all of us have an Andy to call on – hence the new Brand Das Weltauto, the All Around Quality Promise from Volkswagen. To tell this Story, we developed an interactive Movie based on the Assumption that while Das Weltauto Service may be more expensive than simply bringing Andy along, it tops Andy’s technical Expertise by far. Our Motto for Tonality: German Engineering with a Twinkle in the Eye – a subtle Balance!




The sweet Sound of Success

It was a great Honour when FWA Principal Rob Ford asked me whether we would be interested in contributing to his new Book with a Piece on the Digital Concert Hall Project we had created for the Berliner Philharmoniker. Now the Book is out and we are thrilled and incredibly proud to showcase our Work right beside such Classics as ‚HBO Voyeur‘ by Big Spaceship, ‚UNIQLOCK‘ by Projector or ‚Get the Glass‘ by North Kingdom.

Never been done before

Live Streaming Platform
Agency argonauten G2
Client Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Job Creative Direction

The most fanatical Supporters of the best Symphony Orchestra in the World live in the United States and East Asia, where Concerts and entire Tours are sold-out Years in advance. So, why not built a Digital Concert Hall – as a Substitute for the confined Space – that offers existing and new classical Music Lovers around the World to discover a unique Experience of Live-Streaming Concerts in the highest possible Quality? A great Honour for us to take on such an innovative and creative Challenge for this exciting Brand. The first specialised Online Classic Portal, Live and in Full-HD.

‚That’s how Web TV for large cultural Institutions should look like.‘
LeadAcademy Principal Markus Peichl

‚Then there’s the Digital Concert Hall: the most successful Orchestral Live-Streaming Project on the Web. It’s a Sign of the Times that the World’s most tradition-bound Ensemble is now a Web Trailblazer, opening up the hallowed Halls of Berlin’s Philharmonie to an infinitely wider Audience.‘ The Guardian


Petrol meets Pocketbook

Agency argonauten G2
Client Volkswagen
Job Creative Direction
Volkswagen is launching a global Micro Site to support their Cross-Media ‚Think Blue.‘ Image Campaign. We’ve developed a storytelling Approach that follows four Drivers in four international Cities who are given Advice about environmentally aware Driving and Cost Saving on their Way through heavy Road Traffic. The biggest Challenge: How do we connect the Stories authentically with each other but without going beyond our Budget for the Job.

A Beauty Contest

Digital Branding
Agency argonauten G2, Berlin
Client La Prairie Switzerland
Job Creative Direction

We set out to re-shape the Jewel Brand of the Beauty Industry and eventually won over La Prairie’s Interactive Marketing Budget. The general Approach was to create a fresh, clean state-of-the-art Design that implies Credibility, Precision and Attention to Detail like a Swiss Clockwork. Its true seductive Magic, however, unfolds beneath the Surface. The Images were created in Cooperation with the Berlin based Photographer Attila Hartwig.

Redrawn, Retold, Replayed

Branding Campaign
Agency argonauten G2
Client P&G Prestige: REPLAY your fragrance!
Job Creative Direction
We were asked by Atletico International to convert their stunning new Campaign for REPLAY your fragrance! into the Realm of the Digital. ‚One Drop of Water Can Replay Your Fragrance.‘ – A Brand Promise based on technical Research culminating in this new Fragrance. Our initial Launch Pad: the spectacular Watercolour Drawings by Artist Stina Persson. PSYOP NY used flowing Colours to reproduce the Art Work for the TVC. We took the Idea a step further: we reverse-engineered the Drawing Process and developed a Tool that allows each User to create their own Watercolour Painting. Replay your Fragrance. Repaint your Image – and spread it!



A Riot of Color

Digital Strategy
Agency argonauten G2, Berlin
Client Coca-Cola Germany
Job Creative Direction
Our Assignment seemed simple enough at first: to bring the new German Fanta Campaign ‘Drink Fanta, live more colorfully’ to life on the Web.
But we knew that bringing more Color into the real Lives of our Users would take more Effort than just splashing some Orange around. Besides, we wanted to do more.
So we claimed the entire digital Space as Fanta’s Playground. We built multiple Platforms: a Microsite on MySpace, a Homepage Takeover on bravo.de, and of course a Campaign Annex on fanta.de. Rounding out our Multi-Platform Approach were Newsletters and a massive Banner Campaign.



The Coke side of life

Branding Campaign
Agency argonauten G2, Berlin
Client Coca-Cola Germany
Job Creative Direction

The visual Universe of the new global Brand Campaign ‚The Coke side of life‘ is truly amazing – a mind-blowing TVC {‚Happiness Factory‘ by Wieden/PSYOP} and the illustrative Sixties Splash Style developed by AKQA. But the Question now was how to combine such solitary Components and turn them into a seamless, digital Experience for German Coke Fans?

‚Best Online Adaptation of a Coke Campaign and first international Trial of a Commercial Use of a Web 2.0-platform in the Coke Universe.‘ Mark Greatrex, SVP Marketing Communications and Insights

An Ex-Wunderkind, maybe

Directed Photography
Plawright Steven Tomlinson suggests that if you love different Things, you just keep spending time with them. ‚Let them talk to each other. Something will begin to happen.‘

Pattern of No

Directed Photography
On Set during a Product Shoot for La Prairie, the Photographer Attila Hartwig and I developed the Idea to incorporate Mind Maps into liquid Surfaces and, at the same Time, photographically document the Processes of Overlapping and Transformation of these Snippets.

Looping Tweets


Lots of People use Vine’s minimalistic editing Capabilities for shooting their own Stop-Motion Mini Stories.

But what, if the Story covers both: a Tweet and a Motion?

Twin Set™


‚Black and White‘, ‚Good and Bad‘, ‚Clean and Filthy‘ – Taking into Account such last-century Terms, Twin Set™ liberates Products from their primary Coding in Order to provide Scope for continuous Development, and thus, give Way to entire new Dimensions of the Here and Now.

Why I Go to the Movies Alone

Moving Message Boards, Photograph

Excerpt from Richard Prince: ‚The Perfect Tense‘ {Why I Go to the Movies Alone}.
In Co-Creation with Berlin based Photographer Roman März.

It’s Magic

Spatial Works, Machines, Models

Five Works in Reference to Dave Hickey
{This Mortal Magic / Essays on Art & Democracy}

Götterdämmerung Postmoderne Sensibilia Kameralmat ONTOM Atlantis N O NAME CO. Morgenlandduft Tafelbilder, Tomaten, Transpiration DAZED & CONFUSED The Luminous Image WUNDERKAMMERN Der Stein aus dem All post naturum Augenladen Leipziger Sezession Dead Poet Dreaming Aufstieg und Fall der Moderne Esprit today Das Archiv Franz Kafkas DO ALL OCEANS HAVE WALLS? Figur Weiblich Der Gestus des Fliessens Desire and Demand CS|VI Im Kaleidoskop Die Unruhe und die Zufriedenheit oder die Tragödie des Scheiterns Contenance Ground Das Grosse Dadagluten Bestiarium Nr.1 Blizzard seventyseven Mehr als ich The art of vision FORMALISMUS System höherer Vernunft SUPERmarkt DAS MÄDCHENZIMMER DAS BESTECK DES MARQUIS DE SADES Restpfennigaktien Zolpereien IN VITRO künstliche Bedenken Tief in Material eintauchen, dort wo alles zerrinnt 8x8x8 SEHENSEHEN Mundgerecht Rheingold Radarraum Strategien der Verweigerung Die Spur des Sublimen Erinnerungen an den Zufall Das geheime Museum des Führers Arbeiten im Dunkeln re.edit Winnetou Dig, Dag und Digedag DER ELEKTRISCHE KRIEG Die Gleichzeitigkeit des Anderen Groß einsteigen und dünn auslaufen Inszenierung einer Ansammlung Das Zimmer Gregor Samsas m.e.s.s.a.g.e. Störtebeckers Kopf Schloß der Obsessionen BIG BLUE Regel und Abweichung BLAST THEORIE Der getanzte Luis der XIV. tanzt drinnen und draußen CRYMOG Malbund ni Nicht Summe, nicht Synthese Quintessenz! ZAHLEN, NUMMERN, ZIFFERN Das Eingemachte SPACE PILOTS: Ziolkowski meets Janke VON DER WIRKLICHKEIT DES TRAUMS Zeichen/Fluten/Signale Zeit der Götter Auge um Auge Das Konzert des Äon Applausmaschine Der Ort/die Zeit/Das Plus Die Bombe und der Geist

Science Fiction

Audiovisual Installation

‚The full Moon above the Glass Box, as well as the hoarse electronic Voice of the Computer Brain from Godard’s Film ‚Alphaville‘, that calls out every so often, both combine with the Architecture of the technical Monument – ‚Science Fiction or Moon above the Kurfürstendamm‘ delivers an absurd Statement on the Hype and Glamour that determined the Turn of the Twentieth Century and, at the same Time, initiates a romantic Element to the omnipresent Take-Over of Power through electrical Machines and Devices. Dr. Ute Tischler, Curator ‚countdown west 2k‘

Turning Tricks

Video Installation

An Office Space is turned into a Glass Showcase, with two different Photo-Sessions as well as two Video Projections screened on the outer Surface of the large-scale Windows facing a busy Street. During the Day, each of the Photo-Sessions displays a Set of Stills of a uniformed Character occupying diverse Positions towards the Camera/Spectator. At Night, the Window Surface serves as a Cinematic Screen. The Video is projected upside down, showing the same Character as before in the Photographs, now sitting on an Office Chair while rotating in high Speed around himself – over-and-over again, to the left and to the right.

What drives me

After Years

of working in big Digital Agencies, I’ve come to understand that the real

Clients of any Agency are its

Clients’ Customers.

And to recognize that Agencies need to work differently or they’ll never fulfill their Obligation to create, innovate or improve Services for these Customers. And to believe that Empathy and Curiosity are at least as important as Expertise or Know-How – for Clients, these should inspire new Processes that encourage Co-Creation; for Creatives, they must fuel a new Understanding of Clients’ real Problems.

My Offer?

To develop a creative Vision and Guidelines for executing truly user-focused digital Platforms and Services.

To partner with and advise Clients on all Aspects of Design Strategy and Conceptualization.

To build, mentor and lead strong creative Teams {including Pitch Teams} in a Culture of Collaboration.

Clients and Brands

Abu Dhabi Media / Allianz Group / Alphabet / Bacardi / Beiersdorf / Continental / GROHE / MAN / Migros / Pernod Ricard / Procter & Gamble / The Coca-Cola Company / The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra / TUI / Volkswagen AG

Awards and Honours

More than 60 Awards and Honours for 20 different Projects e.g:

Cannes Cyber Lions – Shortlist / ADC Global Gold / 2x ADC Germany / 2x LIA Awards / 3x One Show / LeadAwards – Gold / 5x NYf / CLIO / 2x First Place Mobius Award / 2x FAB / The Webby Awards / 2x FWA / Epica

Member of the Jury

Singapore CCA / D&AD / Lovie Awards / LIA Awards / The CUP / Golden Drum / German IPTV Award

Broadcasts and Features

ArtSchoolVets! / Channel One Russia / Lürzer’s Archive / Netdiver / OFFF / PAGE / postdigital / spyline / TASCHEN / ZDFneo

Higher Powers

Higher Powers commanded this Site and I am very grateful to:

Jan Hendrik Weiss for Technical Expertise and
Judd Labarthe for Enlightenment.